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There are 2 types of Lucky Draw system in the bar:

Diamonds and gold – as long as you have sufficient diamonds and gold, you essentially have a chance to get any in-game resource through the bar system. Here we are going to give a brief introduction on how this works and how you can spend your diamonds and gold more efficiently.

Diamond Draw

A single diamond draw requires 240 Diamonds, or you can draw 10 times in a row to get a 5% discount for a total of 2280 Diamonds.

Note: Fighter is guaranteed for first time diamond draw, and a 4 star fighter is guaranteed for the first 10 times draw.


Gold Draw

A single gold draw requires 20,000 Gold, though you get 5 free draw chances every day.

10 times gold draw requires 180,000 Gold, which is 10% off, an even bigger discount that the 5% from diamond draw!

The bar system is a key source of fighter recruitment in early game, you can recruit powerful fighters here to boost your ranking in the arena and other events, so that you can get better rank rewards to recruit even more powerful fighters. So give the 10 times diamond draw a go, who knows, maybe you might even get lucky and get Yamazaki or Iori!