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Cool, cautious and calculated Fighter.

Kyo is our protagonist in KOF 98.

In the "KOF98 UM OL", Kyo is a powerful damage dealer and his power fragments can be acquired through a variety of activities and events, thus allowing you to upgrade this character quickly and boost your team's combat power. Apart from Iori, Kyo is definite one of the top picks.

Fighter Background

He surpassed his father’s fighter skills at the age of 15, won the all-Japan martial arts championship at 18, and thereafter entered the KOF 94 tournament with Benimaru and Daimon as a representative of the Japan team. They continued to battle alongside each other, and using their combined fighting force and the power of the three artifacts, Kyo successfully sealed Orochi after its resurrection in KOF97.


Kyo Kusanagi has powerful damage output, with two damage inflicting skills and two damage boosting skills. As he develops and effects of his skills improve, Kyo is likely to become a core fighting force. Furthermore, Kyo Fragments can be acquired relatively easily, allowing you to evolve this Fighter quickly and gain an advantage in your early battles.